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    Our Mission
    Bring Intelligence
    to our orbital machines
    At Cognitive Space, we develop satellite autonomous systems,
    with the objective of reaching full spacecraft autonomy.
  • We are doomed.

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    The use of space is rapidly accelerating.
    Autonomy in space systems is required.
    The future of space - and the world economy - depends on our ability to make efficient use of space. That's why we exist.
  • It can be done
    Artificial Intelligence is changing the world.
    We will bring AI to Space.
    By applying the latest cutting edge deep-learning techniques, we can revolutionize how we operate and rely on our space assets.

Bringing Intelligence to our orbital machines

The world is moving towards automation through artificial intelligence - for good reasons. It can provide consistent reliability, sustainability and exceptional performance, often surpassing our brightest minds.

Our mission is to render our precious orbital machines fully autonomous, such that we can fully rely on their invaluable services from Space - a domain that is becoming increasingly crowded and complex.

Today we can manage satellite operations by micro-managing each asset. But the number of active satellites is estimated to increase four folds in the next decade alone. Handling these orbital assets will become increasingly challenging. Autonomy in operations will provide more than a piece of mind, it will enable the satellite industry to reach its fullest potential.

Cognitive Space is a Houston based company performing research and development of technology in the field of aerospace engineering.

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